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Engage In The Spiraling Melodeath Madness Of BEGAT THE NEPHILIM

Posted by on March 22, 2018 at 3:45 pm

Operating on the fringes of the twisted melodeath underground since 2012, Begat The Nephilim have been building a name for themselves as one of the premier death metal bands in the northeast.  This riff-tastic single "Cardboard Casket" is the first off of their debut full length Begat the Nephilim I: The Surreptitious Prophecy / Mother of the Blasphemy. 

Due out June 15th, this release has been nearly two years in the making, the product of countless hard hours in the studio and endless grueling tours. There is something strangely fascinating about this band, what with the obsessiveness of the record, and the way that everything comes together in vivid, twisted color. It all makes "Cardboard Casket" absolutely delectable. Hinting at everything from The Black Dahlia Murder to Cattle Decapitation by way of Fleshgod Apocalypse this is the sort of demonic offering that die hard fans can't wait to get a piece of.

The band had this to say:

“Cardboard Casket” tells the tale, based on a true story, of a woman broken by the miscarriage of her child. Out of desperation, she keeps the stillborn in a cardboard box and prays daily for God to grant her child life. Ultimately, her prayers go unanswered and the unborn child deteriorates, as does the woman’s mental health."

"Cardboard Casket” stands out as the one song on the record that is separate from the concept arc present throughout the rest of the album. It is linked through the themes of loss, depravity, and conflict. Because of the thematic differences, the songwriting itself stands apart from the rest of the album, like shifting perspective from a birds-eye view of a world in peril to the more focused, intense torment raging within a single individual. We feel it to be one of The Surreptitious Prophecy’s stronger offerings in both composition and lyricism."

Jam it now!

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