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VOLBEAT Guitarist Rob Caggiano Says Band Had No Choice But To Cancel Recent Show On Stage

Posted by on October 9, 2019 at 9:53 am

Volbeat played Belfast on October 3, or at least they attempted to. The band got part of the way through the opening song "Pelvis On Fire" twice before ultimately walking off stage and cancelling the show altogether.

Volbeat published a statement regarding the cancellation shortly thereafter, saying "[vocalist Michael Poulsen] has been having some throat issues and we ran into multiple technical issues on stage that prevented the band from being able to hear each other play. While he has mostly recovered his voice at this point, it was decided that had he continued to play the show this way he would have risked blowing out his voice again and having to cancel even more shows."

In an interview with Loud TV, guitarist Rob Caggiano says the cancellation was mostly due to technical issues that would have ultimately caused Poulsen to blow out his voice.

"[Poulsen] didn't lose his voice. The problem was we had technical issues. If he had continued singing with those technical issues, he would have blown his voice out — that's the problem. And then we would have been canceling other shows, which would have been a nightmare; that would have been a real nightmare. Obviously, it sucked, but I really don't think this situation is unique to Volbeat. I mean, it happens. It was beyond our control. Obviously, it sucks. We love Ireland. We wanna go back and make that right. But at that given time, we had no choice, really — we had no choice."

Volbeat has not yet announced a makeup date for Belfast.

Volbeat are on tour all over Europe right now. Get tickets here.

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