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STAIND's Aaron Lewis Stormed Off His Stage Again Because His Crowd Was Too Loud

Posted by on March 11, 2019 at 1:48 pm

Staind frontman Aaron Lewis' acoustic solo tour isn't going to well, it seems. For the second time in a month, Lewis left the stage before finishing his set. Once again, it was because his audience was too loud.

This time, Lewis was in Oklahoma City and was trying to play his song "Intro" this past Saturday, March 9th and the crowd wouldn't be quiet enough for his pleasure.

“Listen, if you don’t shut the fuck up, you can’t even hear the guitar. So shut up. I’ve got three more fucking minutes — three. Can you please for once…?

“Through the whole fucking evening, you guys have talked all fucking night. Shut the fuck up or I’m done.”

And then, Lewis revealed to the crowd he doesn't understand the definition of irony:

“It’s so fucking ironic that this fucking song is a ‘thank you,’ and I can’t get you to shut the fuck up to hear it.”

No, it's a coincidence, maybe, but there is no irony here. The irony is that you are trying to be humble and the crowd isn't into it, so you threw a fit.

Perhaps, since this is the second time this happened during the same song, Lewis should consider cutting out this part of the set?

Either way, video below:

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