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PERIPHERY Erroneously Named In Trial of A Woman Accused of Attacking Three with An Axe

Posted by on July 9, 2018 at 1:26 pm

Periphery‘s song “Flatline” is a song that deals with bullying and suicide, and tries to end with a positive message, but that's not what 26-year-old Evie Amati took away from the song.

In a new report by Australia's ABC.net.au, Amati is on trial for allegedly attacking three people in a Sydney 7-11 with an axe in January 2017. All three victims survived. For some reason, the prosecutor in the case felt the need to point out that Amati was listening to "Flatline" and that the song features “some pretty dark themes.”

The report alleges that Amati has mental health issues, gender dysphoria and depression and that she had made threats prior to the attack. Amati's lawyer defending her saying she was not guilty because of mental illness and he argued "at the time of the attack she was in a state of psychosis caused by her mental illness and a “toxic mixture” of gender transition hormone medication, cannabis, amphetamines and alcohol."

Periphery guitarist Mark Holcomb was made aware of the story on Twitter and made an excellent point about Periphery being pointlessly linked to the trial:

Metal has gotten a bad rap in mainstream media for ever, but stuff like this is just trivial and nonsensical.

[via ThePRP]

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