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Did DEEP PURPLE Rip Off DEVIN TOWNSEND's Logo? Devy Don't Care!

Posted by on December 15, 2016 at 11:46 am

Deep Purple will be releasing its new album Infinite on April 7, which may come as a huge surprise to those of who didn't know that Deep Purple was still a thing. it may also come as a surprise to you that the album sounds really good, as you'll find out via the trailers below.

You can also check out the artwork below… which kind of looks a little bit like Devin Townsend Project's logo, doesn't it?

At least that's what fans were saying, and to an extent they're right… except the infinity symbol has been around since 1655 and was invented by English mathematician John Wallis. So both of 'em are dirty thieves!

Not to mention Devin Townsend doesn't really seem to care.

Anyway, new Deep Purple sounds seriously proggy and awesome.

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