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CARNIFEX Not Pleased With Virgin Trains Commercial Using Their Music In A Mocking Tone

Posted by on September 16, 2017 at 12:05 pm

Have you seen the new commercial for Virgin Trains? It essentially compares a shitty day of getting yourself to a location versus taking one of their trains, and makes the comparison with music. For a nice and easy train ride, the company equates it to listening to Spandau Ballet. For a hellish day of total misery Virgin Trains thinks it's like listening to Carnifex's "Answers In Mourning."

"Answers In Mourning" was released in 2008 on The Diseased and the Poisoned via Victory Records, which the band hasn't been signed to since its 2011 album Until I Feel Nothing. The band has now put out two albums on Nuclear Blast, and likely has nothing to do with Victory Records anymore. Considering the band's reaction, it seems safe to say that Victory did not consult Carnifex at all, and Carnifex was paid absolutely nothing for the appearance.

Getting made fun of on television is one thing, but not getting paid for it sucks on a whole separate level (if that's the case). Though I'm also not 100% Virgin Trains is making fun of Carniex, but using the music as a "rough music, rough day" sort of metaphor? Maybe?

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