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DEVIN TOWNSEND's ZILTOID Is Getting His Own Radio Show

Posted by on August 20, 2013 at 1:38 pm

Well, kind of. It wasn't so much Devin Townsend as it was Ziltoid the Omniscient that interrupted an Internet U.K. radio show to announce that something Ziltoid-related is coming.

Townsend has hinted that there is some new Ziltoid stuff coming soon, such as the long-awaited follow up to the Ziltoid record, as well as a television and/or radio show. You can hear Ziltoid interrupt the U.K.-based Team Rock Radio show above in the Soundcloud link. We know that Townsend has been working on Z2 for a little bit now, so that might be partially what the announcement is about at the very least.

Well, earlier this morning, the official announcement was made by Ziltoid himself, he's getting his own show:

It all kicks off this Saturday on TeamRock Radio.

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