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CLUTCH Announce New Album, Psychic Warfare For September Release

Posted by on May 1, 2015 at 1:08 pm

I was at Oakland date of The Missing Link Tour with Mastodon, Neil Fallon of Clutch announced that the band was going to drop a new album this September called Psychic Warfare. We're a little over two years out from the band's fantastic, and aptly titled, Earth Rocker record, so the timing seems about right.

The band then went on to perform two new tracks from the record. The first was entitled "X-Ray Visions" and the second was the jauntily titled "Decapitation Blues." Both these tracks were unmistakably Clutch tracks, and therefore awesome! I'd put them in the realm of Earth RockerBlast Tyrant, and Robot Hive/Exodus.

Other new songs on this tour according to setlist.fm posts and the band's active forums have been "Sidewinder" and "Energy Weapons."

You can hear bits of "X-Ray Visions" in the video the band posted to their Facebook below.

Missing Link Tour Day 12:  Day off Psychic Warfare Is Real!  We're enjoying a beautiful west coast evening and listening to a few songs off of the forthcoming album. Thank you Clutch and Mastodon fans for making this tour so incredible.

Posted by Clutch on Monday, April 27, 2015

You stoked? Because I'm stoked!

There's still about a month of the tour you can check out. Dates here.

Also, stay when Mastodon closes. Neil has been coming out for "Blood and Thunder."

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