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CAVE IN's Stephen Brodsky Discusses CONVERGE Bassist Joining Band

Posted by on June 7, 2019 at 1:12 pm

Cave In's new album Final Transmission is out now. The album is unfortunately Cave In's final album with bassist Caleb Scofield, who passed away in a car accident in March 2018. It's understandable that Cave In would hang it up after the album's release, but according to frontman and guitarist Stephen Brodsky, they've asked Converge bassist Nate Newton to join the band.

Brodsky tells Kerrang! that Newton was a logical choice, as he and Scofield knew each other very well.

“I think just being in a band with someone for 20 years, you start to get sense of how people play is not just in their fingers, but in the way that they move and the way that they behave, their whole vibe and actions. That’s why it was important for Cave In to have the opportunity to ask Nate Newton [Converge] to join the band, because he was someone that knew Caleb really well. They played in a band together for many years. That’s something that Nate could also relate to, as well. There’s like a whole personality behind the playing because Caleb wasn’t just a player, he was a writer. There’s just this whole personality that goes along with it, and I think being able to get into the mindset of that is really important if you’re going to do it justice.”

Brodsky also discusses Cave In's future, saying "there’s this newfound closeness and a new appreciation to do stuff with Cave In" and that the band will tour on Final Transmission. He adds that he's not really sure what'll happen with Cave In after the touring and album promotion cycle are over, "but going back to what I said, overall there’s a generally positive vibe with the work that we’ve done to re-imagine Cave In in this new reality."

Grab Final Transmission here. Half the album's proceeds go to the Scofield family.

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