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Alex Lifeson Says RUSH Has No Plans For A New Album, Band Is Basically Done

Posted by on January 21, 2018 at 12:55 pm

After 20 albums and having been a band since 1968, it seems like Rush is just about wrapping things up. The band put out its phenomenal Clockwork Angels in 2012 and played its possibly final show ever on August 1, 2015 at The Forum in Los Angeles. The band had said at the time that the tour would likely be its final full-scale tour due to guitarist Alex Lifeson's psoriatic arthritis and drummer Neal Peart's chronic tendinitis, but there might be a new album in the future if they so chose to do one and maybe a show here and there.

Unfortunately, it looks like Rush is over. Lifeson recently told The Globe And Mail that Rush is "basically done" and has zero plans to do another album or a tour.

"It’s been a little over two years since Rush last toured. We have no plans to tour or record any more. We’re basically done. After 41 years, we felt it was enough."

Lifeson says he's "writing on four or five different little projects" and he's having a lot of fun with it, so it's not like the guys are quitting music altogether. At least Lifeson isn't, but still – is this the end of Rush?

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