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WARBRINGER Will Not Be Breaking Up, Audutioning Drummers

Posted by on May 16, 2014 at 3:08 pm

Recently we reported that Warbringer singer John Kevill said the band might stop bringing war soon due to losing two members, keyword being "might" in that sentence. Now guitarist for the group Adam Carroll is saying the band won't be breaking up and asks the fans to excuse their silence for the time being:

"I would like to clear some of the air about Warbringer. We are in no way that I feel as a member of warbringer going to stop making music and touring. We are simply in a between period until we find the right guys to make for good chemistry in the band so we can carry on. It may take time, but time is on our side and I don't wanna rush anything to ensure we come back stronger than before! So please be patient with us. There are other factors we have to plan for as well once we have members to hit the road with again. I've definitely got another album in me and will gladly tour more. We're just taking some personal time off to put the pieces back together and make a stronger monster than before. So kick back and rock n roll!!"

Well that's good news! A world without Warbringer is a slightly slower world, and realistically nobody wants that. Additionally, today the band made their drummer search public:

Ok, so first and foremost, the show of support you guys have given has really been overwhelming. Very good to know so many of you guys care so much about the future of this band.

So, where to get started?
How bout this…
Attention all drummers!

Warbringer needs a full time drummer for touring and recording! If you are a professional level drummer, and living in the Southern California area! Please write warbringermusic@gmail.com with a demonstration of your skills! Test your might!

If I had to guess at it, I'd imagine we won't hear much from these guys until early 2015.

[via MetalSucks]

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