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Former GHOST Nameless Ghoul Reveals Himself To Be Swedish Musician Martin Persner

Posted by on March 2, 2017 at 1:13 pm

I never noticed this before, but it seems like the Nameless Ghouls all identify by some sort of alias. Last year, when longtime Ghost guitarist, the Nameless Ghoul who goes by Omega, quit the band, the bassist, who is identified as "Water" moved over to guitar, and that's when Ghost got their new female bassist.

Today, MetalSucks noticed that Swedish musician Martin Persner posted a video, which takes an unnecessarily solemn tone, to reveal himself as the former Ghost guitarist, Omega,  and announcing that he is resurrecting his old band Magna Carta Cartel, a.k.a. “MCC.” Interestingly, that band also featured Tobias Forge, who is believed to be the frontman and mastermind of Ghost. I'm guessing Forge won't be able to make it to this new incarnation of the group. You can watch the video below.

Why so serious? As for if Persner is telling the truth – in looking up archived photos of Omega in our own photo gallery, we noticed the guitarist wears the same rings that Persner wears in this video:


So he is either telling the truth, or pays really good attention to detail.

With rumors circling that Ghost completely revamped their lineup, save for the vocalist, could we see more former members come forward in the future? Unless you count Dave Grohl, no other person has publicly declared their membership in Ghost other than Persner.

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