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FIT FOR AN AUTOPSY Has Been "Nate Johnsoned," Announce New Vocalist

Posted by on April 16, 2014 at 1:29 pm

Nate Johnson is my favorite deathcore/metalcore whatever vocalist. The Deadwater Drowning EP that he sang on is one of my favorite releases of the 2000s. But he quit that band shortly after the EP release and then quit his next band shortly after and then he joined Through the Eyes of the Dead and something happened and he quit that band. I basically I thought oh, this guy is never going to be in a band again.

Then he joined up with Fit For An Autopsy and was the singer for a good seven years and I thought, finally, some stability.

Nope! The band just posted a message announcing a new vocalist while coining the phrase "being Nate Johnsoned"

It only took 7 years, but Fit For An Autopsy has inevitably been "Nate Johnsoned". If you know anything about his past you know that we were left with with out a singer, at the worst possible time. So with out anymore bullshit or banter, we are happy to welcome Greg Wilburn (Oblige, The Devastated) to the Fit For An Autopsy team. We will be doing all the tours that have been announced, Including New England Metal and Hardcore fest and all the shows surround it. #natesfuckingoutgregsfuckingin

I've never heard Greg Wilburn but I imagine he will do just fine with the band.

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