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BLACK TOMB and CRUD Proclaim Doom Is Dead on Their Death and Sludge-Ridden Split

Posted by on October 24, 2018 at 2:37 pm

How do you like your doom? New England's Black Tomb delivers it through a sludge-driven, nihilistic lens. There's also Florida's Crud, who channels a filthy death-doom that could make you soil your pants. Together, both acts bring a sinister, grim portrayal of doom metal that is certain to appease a listener's darkest and ill-fated iterations. The two bands combined to bring a new split to light that will make even the most devout doom fan question whether they can tolerate their turbid groove.

Across four tracks (two apiece from both bands), it's a languid and tumultuous affair. Every second that passes is one spent wallowing in filth. Black Tomb's "Whips of Iron" opens on a galloping rhythm and caustic growls that make many modern sludge bands seem tame. Meanwhile, the almost dirge-like "Alone In Vain" from Crud lurches along with vitriolic hatred until it switches into an unsettling groove laced with towering crash cymbals and earth-shaking bellows.

Black Tomb

Both bands spoke to Metal Injection ahead of the split's release on Halloween. "We wanted to keep our sound but add a new layer of menacing filth on top of it and see what happens. To us, that meant exploring more of our death doom influences," members of Black Tomb stated." Crud has been one of our favorite bands and it made total sense to team up with them to explore that territory. Our tracks on the split somewhat reflect the future of our sound, but time will tell. We've hit a lot of roadblocks since the release of our album, but now that we've returned, we just look forward to spreading the filth again."

“We wrote these songs after Satan beat us up on a trip we took. Crud’s evolved since Resin and these new tracks are just the tip of the devil’s tail," Crud added. "The South Florida heat can really make you feel haggard and pissed, like that bastard’s sitting on your chest, so that’s what our half of the split sounds like—Satan sitting on your chest.”


Stream the ominous split below. Follow both Black Tomb and Crud on Facebook.

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