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Alexi Laiho to fill in on upcoming HYPOCRISY tour

Posted on October 16, 2009


It pays to have friends in high places. Sweedish metal act HYPOCRISY have enlised guitar god Alexi Laiho of CHILDREN OF BODOM to fill-in on guitar for their upcoming tour with ENSIFERIUM. Not too many bands can just call up Alexi and he'll say yes, but turns out he goes way back with HYPOCRISY mainman Peter Tägtgren, who commented:

"Funny, the first CHILDREN OF BODOM show was a support gig for HYPOCRISY on the Nuclear Blast festival in '98. Since then, me and Alexi have become very good friends. I've helped him with producing and he's helped me by contributing a guitar solo on one of my records with my other band PAIN. There will be no shortage of alcohol on this tour, that's for sure."

Who even asked about the alcohol? I guess that means they're going to be extra wasted if they're already pre-gaming in the tour statements. Should make for some fun shows!

Also, don't forget, we are currently running an ESP Alexi Laiho Lookalike Contest, where the person who impersonates Alexi the funniest/best wins one of his sexy guitars. Click here for info.

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