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Spotify Is Not The Top Streaming Payout Service For Artists In 2017

Posted by on August 7, 2017 at 2:35 pm

It's common knowledge at this point that if you're a small artist on streaming services, you're not going to be getting royalty checks that can take you out to a decent dinner.

However, should you be aiming to make some money on your art at all, Digital Music News has taken a look at Napster, YouTube, Pandora, Apple Music, TIDAL, Google Play, Deezer, and Spotify to see whose pay-per-stream is the highest.

Surprisingly, it's Napster. Granted, Napster has the second lowest amount of users out of the whole list. So while the reward is good comparatively, the amount of listeners you'll get is definitely lower. Check out the list below!

  1. Napster – $0.0167 per stream / 5 million users
  2. Tidal – $0.0110 per stream / 4 million users
  3. Apple Music – $0.0064 per stream / 27 million users
  4. Google Play Music – $0.0059 per stream / 10 million users
  5. Deezer – $0.0056 per stream / 16 million users
  6. Spotify – $0.0038 per stream / 140 million users
  7. Pandora – $0.0011 per stream / 81 million users
  8. Youtube – $0.0006 per stream / 1 billion users

Of course, you could also check out this infographic, which details the payouts, user numbers, plays needed to earn a minimum wage on each individual platform, total annual loss as a company, and annual loss per user.


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