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Shocker: METALLICA & SLIPKNOT Are The Most Streamed Metal Bands On Youtube

Posted by on February 15, 2020 at 12:22 pm

We've been tracking Spotify active listeners for heavy metal bands the last few months, but let's check in with Youtube.

Youtube has begun releasing a weekly Music Chart and there are some interesting stats. Of course, Metallica and Slipknot are the highest ranked metal bands. Metallica were even in the top 100 most watched artists this week. Even though they haven't put out a music video in years, Metallica amassed 29 million global views this week alone. It does help that live videos are counted towards this and Metallica uploads a steady flow of live bootlegs from their show.

Slipknot's videos were viewed 13.8 million times this week.

Widening the scope to rock, Queen are still on top (much like on Spotify) with 42.9 million, GNR with 21.7 million and AC/DC with 20 million.

To put it in context, the most viewed artist this week on Youtube was Roddy Rich with 45.6 million views.

Here are all the rock bands that made the cut:

Queen – 42.9m
Metallica – 29m
Guns N’ Roses – 21.7m
AC/DC – 20m
Skillet – 19m
Rammstein – 16.9m
Green Day – 16.5m
Nirvana – 15.8m
Slipknot – 13.8m
Nickelback – 11.8m
Five Finger Death Punch – 11.6m
Led Zeppelin – 11.1m
System Of A Down – 10.8m
Evanescence – 10.4m
Disturbed – 9.44m
Pearl Jam – 8.57m
My Chemical Romance – 8.3m

[via Kerrang!]

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