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DECAPITATED Is Suing Earache Records For Alleged Unpaid Royalties

10 years later, a potential lawsuit is coming.

10 years later, a potential lawsuit is coming.

Between 1999 and 2006, Decapitated released its four records through Earache. The band then wet through some tough times with the death of drummer Vitek and the comatose vocalist Covan after a vehicular accident, results in a break and eventual comeback on Nuclear Blast Records.

The only problem here is that according to a statement from Decapitated, released to MetalSucks, the band hasn't been paid royalties from Earache from its earlier records.

In 1999 when we signed with Earache we were just teenagers..we thought it was going to be an amazing opportunity, signing to a world famous metal label.

Thanks to the support from our fans we were able to forge a great career from Decapitated and we appreciate every person who has bought our records…unfortunately, we have not seen a penny from owed royalties from Earache.

Due to on-going disputes with the label regarding these unpaid royalties and contested breaches of contract we find ourselves in a position whereby we need to pursue legal action to rectify already very overdue issues, not only to get justice for the band but more importantly for Vitek’s widow and daughter and Covan and his carers.

We are launching a new limited edition t-shirt specially to help raise funds for the case and we’ll be grateful if you want to buy one. In the meantime, as ever, your good wishes and support are appreciated!

The band has released some limited edition merchandise to help out with its legal battles as well, and Earache has not yet made a statement in response to the band.

The most interesting thing I'm waiting to hear from Earache is exactly why this is rearing its head 10 years down the line. Has this just been a back-and-forth thing for 10 years and now the band is just tired or it? Or are things much more complicated than they seem?

Update: UK Label manager Dan Tobin responded to suit in a statement to Team Rock saying:

“The court decided in Earache’s favor back in November, actually awarding Earache substantial costs, which are yet to be received. Obviously they feel wronged by the court decision, which by the way, was instigated by the band.”

“The fact that the band’s representatives failed even to turn up in court to hear the judgment on the proceedings they themselves instigated says it all. Clearly, they knew then as they know now that this is garbage.”

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