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The First Interview with GWAR's New Female Scumdog VULVATRON

She has big bewbs, she smokes crack and loves to have sex. She's perfect!

She has big bewbs, she smokes crack and loves to have sex. She's perfect!

When we learned last week that GWAR has officially added not just one new member in Blothar, but a second, female member in Vulvatron, we immediately contacted GWAR's intergalactic publicist to get us on the horn with this new vixen of torment. We learn about Vulvatron's origins and how she became one of the scumdogs of the universe.

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Metal Injection: I assume you are a female, is that correct?
Vulvatron: Indeed, I commend your astute observation.

You follow in the footsteps of other notable female scumdogs like Slymenstra Hymen. Do you feel those are some tough shoes to fill?
GWAR, the greatest band of all time, has a long history of GWAR women. Slymenstra Hymen is certainly the most well known and loved, and paved the way for female Scumdogs in empowered positions both in the metal and in the Universe as a whole… leaving a trail of vaginal blood in her path of destruction! In fact I was not able to fill her shoes at all, I brought my own shoes back through time with me from the year 69000- they are new for the Fall season.

Why do you think it took GWAR so long to add another female member?
GWAR enjoyed giving you humans blue balls for many years.

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Which member of GWAR did you sleep with to get the gig?
Vulvatron's sexual prowess is far superior, and although I slept with the entire band and management at the same time, they were not able to keep up. My sexual functions are far too advanced to mate with most primitive forms.

Does sexism exist in GWAR? Are you only entitled to 70% of the crack compared to male members?
I consumed the entire crack rider, and then needed a further crack buyout for lunch, dinner, and aftershow. GWAR is an extremely sexist band, we all believe in having all of the sex all the time.

You have massive breasts, are they real?
Indeed with Earth's gravitational pull my breasts do take on a significant amount of mass compared to most human females. They are indeed fully manifested in the physical form.

Slymenstra was known for her fire-breathing, it seems you shoot blood from your breasts. Maybe you should get that checked out?
You are free to check it out at any point on the GWAR Eternal tour this Fall!

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Thank you for your time Vulvatron, any final words for the bohabs?
Prepare yourselves for the boob spew!

GWAR will be heading out on the GWAR Eternal tour this fall. Get dates here. Also, check out our photos of the freaks of GWARBQ as well as Municipal Waste/Iron Reagan frontman Tony Foresta's GWARBQ video report.

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