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BEYOND CREATION Frontman: "Metal Is One Of The Most Honest Music Styles You Could Play!"

Technical death metal is a crowded field these days. And it's not a new style either, so maintaining a sense of identity can be challenging among the sweep-picking and odd-time signature-playing mass. But Canada's Beyond Creation is unbowed by this challenge, releasing last year's critically acclaimed Earthborn Evolution. So I got to ask frontman Simon Girard a few questions about how his band stays beyond the fray

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Hey Simon, congrats on the release of your second album last year! What would you say what the progression or the growth established between The Aura and this record?

Thank you very much! The big part of the progression between The Aura and Earthborn Evolution lies in the composition. There are more progressive parts in our new album and it feels more jazzy and mature. We are truly open-minded to other music styles so it allow us to develop more ideas and different feels for the songs and songwriting. We also took another path production-wise, with the aim to have a natural sound on the album. Something loud but natural: a sound that will rip you apart, but also provide musical feeling.

On the establishment side of the band, we got many more fans with this new album because there's much more diversity in the music. We also have a good relationship with Season of Mist so we both try to work as hard as we can to promote the band.

Death metal and technical death metal have been around for a long time- why do you think fans and musicians are still drawn to this style?

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For myself, I think that metal music is one of the most honest music styles you can play. There's always exception but for the majority, this music is made with heart. People want to communicate messages through their music and lyrics, and it is also one of the only styles that provides such strength, power and energy. It is rarely the kind of music that will sell millions of copies or even get on tv or main radio stations, but people love it because they feel and understand what metal music really has to offer.

How do you keep new ideas flowing for riffs, lyrics and song compositions?

Writing music feels so good for the mind and heart! Its basically communicating your feelings in a way that people can understand your thoughts. A lot of situations, life- and the right mood or "ambiance" can provide me with that I need  to compose new ideas. I also listen to a lot of new bands, watch movies, and to be honest, photography can also speak me and my music because it gives me a good idea of what the ambiance that I am looking to recreate is like.

What would you say is the primary set of ideas behind the band's lyrics?

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There's many themes approached but I think one theme that could tie each of them together is "nature and spirituality." We need to change the way of seeing life, seeing how we destroy ourselves and planet for money and power. In almost every sphere of life, we have the power to create and build things that will help people and our environment.

What's in store for Beyond Creation this year? Any dates coming up in North America?

We are so pumped for this upcoming Summer Slaughter Tour 2015. This will be a crazy run with awesome bands. There will be so many new places to play and discover how much people can get into our music. We have other plans and shows coming up to promote our new album so stay tuned for more info!

Beyond Creation

Simon Girard                Vocals / Guitar (Composer,Manager)
Kevin Chartré                Back Vocals / Guitar
Hugo Doyon-Karout      Bass
Philippe Boucher           Drums

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