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LAMB OF GOD Seeks Global Fans for 2012 Documentary

Posted by on May 17, 2012 at 11:56 am

Geo·dissonance: the metal movement is proliferating to all corners of the globe. In its relentless display of vitriolic truths and the ugliest questions of existence, we can hear the resounding riffs of heavy metal in the most conservative pockets of society. As your Punjabi, riff-worshiping correspondent, I've created Geodissonance to report the controversy: as metal unveils dissonance in cradles of brutality around the world.

It appears our beloved Richmond, VA-based metal titans – Lamb of God – are infiltrating the houses of the [un]holy and global, metal gospel; with the recognition that their fan-base has extended far into the obscurest reaches of the Asian subcontinent and Middle East, Lamb of God has chosen one of the most politically turbulent, terror-stricken regions for their upcoming documentary: the Gaza Strip. In their documentary, the band will intersperse footing of their 2012, world tour with the most compelling stories of their fans, who hail from all over the world.

The band’s documentary will be shot by an award-winning, film production company, and will track Lamb of God during their tour across Europe and Asia. What may be the band’s inspiration to film a fan-to-band documentary, you may ask? It may, perhaps, be two-fold: the former being, of course, Lamb of God’s unrelenting affection for their fans. With such terms of unsacred endearment, they’ve sought to highlight the stories of their dedicated listeners, particularly those who’ve survived by or continue to endure extreme political and social unrest. Gaza Strip would certainly set the scene.

Adding to the idea that compelling stories are made in terror and resilience is the band’s notion that, “in a turbulent world, music brings us together.” As written on the band’s website, this is the dark, central element that the documentary will explore, by alternating between footage of Lamb of God’s performances, and interviews with their fans. In their own words, “if you live near the Gaza Strip and listen to heavy metal music to escape your stressful life, then we are interested in hearing from you! You don't have to be Lamb of God's ‘biggest’ fan, but you should have a very inspiring life.”

Lamb of God will also be visiting and filming in Israel between May 27-31st, 2012. They are looking for females and males; so, if you fit any of the above descriptions, and are interested in being casted, definitely reach out to the band! This is your opportunity to voice your story, to the global, metal community. The contact email is: griffinburkecasting@gmail.com

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