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AC/DC To Be A Part of Gucci's Fall Fashion Line?!

Of all the brands to enter the metal sphere…

Of all the brands to enter the metal sphere…

We've seen brands dabble with metal couture in the past, some of them more obvious than others (like Supreme collaborating with Black Sabbath) and some made a little less sense… H&M released a line of metal logo t-shirts, Diesel sold this overpriced leather jacket with fake metal patches on it, and Urban Outfitters sold overpriced band t-shirts too.

But, I would've never expected high-end fashion brand Gucci to jump into the metal/hard rock game, and then my friend Jennifer (who I get all my heavy metal fashion intel from), who sent me a link to the cover of the New York Times style magazine, T, which hits shelves this Sunday and I couldn't believe what I was seeing:

Here's the front:

Photo via Vogue

Photo via Vogue

Capitalizing on the buzz surrounding who the new vocalist of AC/DC will be, Gucci snuck in and convinced the band to license their logo for their fall fashion line.

Gucci x AC/DC?! What the hell is going on? Gucci is to fashion what Metallica is to metal, one of the biggest brands, so I am stunned to find this. I did a quick search to see if I can find a price on this and all I could find was this little blip about their fall fashion line in a NY Times article from February:

“It’s rock ’n’ roll Renaissance, 1980s Renaissance, street-style Renaissance, bourgeois Renaissance, chinoiserie Renaissance,” he said backstage. (His show notes said it a little more opaquely, referencing the French philosophers Gilles Deleuze and Félix Guattari and their “rhizomatic’’ system of thought, but the idea was broadly the same.)

In practice, that meant long, ostrich-trimmed gowns and short studded leather suits; big shoulders and puffed shoulders; fur trim and fur cuffs; putti prints and giant shaggy furs; hostess dresses with fluted sleeves and one with AC/DC sequined on the back."

The only other bit of news I could find on the dress was this photo from Russh Magazine showing a different iteration of (what looks like) the same design:


Photo via Vogue

The dresses are due to come out soon for the fall season. My friend Jennifer speculates they will likely cost around $12,000 based on what other similar dresses from Gucci cost. That's insane. AC/DC is high fashion. Perhaps this proves once and for all that metal is no longer counter-culture. I mean, when Vogue is doing articles about metal fashion, you know it's no longer a secret.

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