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The Obituarist

Trevor Strnad of THE BLACK DAHLIA MURDER Presents 107 Corona-Proof Jams to Save Your Waning Sanity This March

This one is stacked to the hilt!

Hello fellow mutants! Trevor from The Black Dahlia Murder here reporting from Corona Virus lockdown in Brooklyn, New York.

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I just got back from a festival performance in South Africa and I am extremely jet lagged and a little wary about possibly having contracted the virus myself in my untimely travels… I guess we’ll find out in a matter of time. My last flight was almost empty. The streets here – usually bustling with noise and activity – are eerily quiet. The fear is palpable. The boredom is real.

Here’s a heavy-duty new Spotify playlist of all the best new stuff I could find to keep you from hanging yourself during the next two weeks of mandatory isolation. Since I missed last month’s playlist altogether, this one is extra jam packed with new extreme metal goodies. New scorchers from Disembowel, Serpent Column, Rotting Kingdom… this one is stacked to the hilt!

Thanks for tuning in! Please share this with your friends and go the extra mile to buy some of these releases… the bands will thank you. Stay positive. Stay safe. Stay Metal!

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