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OZZFEST Nostalgia

Ozzfest 2002: Where Are They Now?

Posted by on August 26, 2017 at 1:09 pm

Ozzy Osbourne, System of a Down, Black Label Society, and Rob Zombie; on paper Ozzfest 2002 looked to be another successful run. Throwing a few curve balls into the lineup, bands like ChevelleThe Used, and Andrew W.K. provided contrast to heavy-hitters Down and Hatebreed.

The majority of 2002’s lineup is still active, including these three groups that are currently out on tour:


Despite an uphill battle, it doesn’t look like anything can keep FLAW down for long. Formed in Louisville in ’96, FLAW released three independent albums before getting signed to Universal Republic Records. Their first mainstream release Through The Eyes topped the Billboard Heatseekers chart. After releasing their follow-up Endangered Species, they ended their relationship with the label amid personnel changes. Singer Chris Volz stayed busy, fronting Five.Bolt.Main as well as releasing a solo album titled Redemption. FLAW’s long hiatus recently came to an end with 2016 seeing the release of Divided We Fall.


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This New Jersey Latin-metal group has been going strong since the late 90s. Though they’ve hopped around various record labels, each of their seven albums have been successful enough to keep their fan base growing. They might’ve been thrown into the ‘nu-metal’ catchall of the early 2000’s, but Ill Nino offered a unique sound that made them stand apart from their peers. Their latest release, 2014’s Till Death, La Familia, is no different.


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Ever find yourself playing Mortal Kombat: Deadly Alliance on your PS2 and wonder whatever happened to that band that wrote the promotional track? No, just me? Well, if you were a fan of the group fronted by the half-brother of Jonathan Davis (Mark Chavez), you’ll be happy to know they’ve started touring again. Between hiatuses, Adema released three albums with Chaves and one with singer Luke Caraccioli.

If you’re suddenly overcome with nostalgia, catch all three bands, as well as Scott StappDopeOrgy, and more at the Blue Ridge Rock Festival this September.


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Unfortunately, 3rd Strike is one of the few bands on 2002’s lineup that is no longer active. Former gang member Jim Korthe wanted to bring hope to young kids and show them that they could achieve their dreams if they worked hard enough. Their 2002 debut, Lost Angel, is a solid album that delves into Korthe’s past life of gang involvement and drug addiction. No other studio albums were produced and Korthe sadly passed away in 2010.

Ozzfest 2002 was another great show, however, a tragic occurrence overshadows the tour. On August 14th, Drowning Pool singer Dave Williams passed away on the band’s tour bus from cardiomyopathy. It’s now been 15 years since his passing, and looking at the Ozzfest 2002 lineup, we can’t help but be depressed. Over the years, we have lost many phenomenal Ozzfest performers like Dimebag, Peter Steele, and now Chester Bennington. No one will live forever, and hiatuses or breakups may happen, but we shouldn’t take for granted the chance to see an amazing band when we have the opportunity. It’s insane to think that we’ve had the luck to hear Ozzy sing “War Pigs” for five decades but were only fortunate enough to hear Williams scream “Bodies” for sixteen months. While it’s upsetting that Drowning Pool’s loss will be forever linked to Ozzfest 2002, the depressing incident serves as a reminder that while music will live forever, we will not. Don’t wait for the uncertain next tour; if there’s a band you’ve been dying to see rolling through your town, grab a ticket and rock on.

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