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Trend Alert: Black-Bottom Pools Are Here To Kick Off Goth Boy Summer

I've really gotten into swimming during the pandemic. It's meditative and great cardio. I've lost like 15 pounds! Anyway, this…

1 year ago

Trend Watch: Dogs In The Mosh Pit

We love doggos.

4 years ago

Watch: SWORN IN Play At An Italian Restaurant

"We're Sworn In, try the pasta."

4 years ago

More Footage Of A Man Eating Beans In A Mosh Pit Surfaces

He really knows how to stick a fork in the Vans Warped Tour

4 years ago

Viral Video of the Day Millennium: "What The Fuck Is Up, Denny's?"

A 2013 clip of a hardcore band playing a Denny's has resurfaced.

4 years ago

Eating A Can of Beans In The Mosh Pit: Now A Thing

Food in the pit is 2018's hottest new trend.

4 years ago

Doom Band Plays A Show In A WAFFLE HOUSE, Because It's 2017!

Waffle Houses are the new clubs.

5 years ago

Idiot Brings A Mattress To A Show And Crowdkills With It

Dude straight up punches some unsuspecting person right in the face.

6 years ago

Japanese Grindcore Band VISCERA INFEST Has Invented "Cockroach Moshing"

Just get down on the floor and start freaking out, basically.

6 years ago

Late Night Television's Heaviest Moments of 2016

Hello Metal Injection readers - this is Max (Party Smasher Inc, Gear Gods) coming at ya with a special guest…

6 years ago

Crust Punk Porn: Now A Thing!

Alt-porn needs a shower.

7 years ago

Trend Watch: #HealthGoth – Now A Thing

It's just as ridiculous as it sounds!

8 years ago