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Ex-VENOM Drummer ABADDON Diagnosed With Lymphoma

He's currently undergoing chemotherapy.

3 hours ago

REVOCATION's DAVE DAVIDSON On The Satanic Temple Over Christianity: "It Feels More Humanitarian"

"Reading the Tenants of the Satanic Temple, those feel much more kind of real and humanitarian than the Ten Commandments."

4 hours ago

ROBERT TRUJILLO Names Perfect Entry Point For Any New METALLICA Fan

It's not one of the hits, but it is an old one.

5 hours ago

METAL CHURCH Is Carrying On With A New Vocalist

After the death of Mike Howe in 2021.

5 hours ago

Watch GHOST's PAPA EMERITUS IV Throw The First Pitch At An MLB Game

At the White Sox vs. Cleveland Guardians game.

2 days ago

OZZY Explains Why 13 Wasn't Really A BLACK SABBATH Album

Was anyone in Black Sabbath happy with 13?

2 days ago

Religious Group Claims New Reebok Sneaker Is The Work Of The Devil

Think twice when someone says they need to "burn off" some calories

2 days ago

QUEENS OF THE STONE AGE Teasing A Tour & New Album

Both are "imminent," they say.

2 days ago

MAROON 5's ADAM LEVINE Says No "Hot Chicks" Listen To Metal, In Case Anyone Cares

The arbiter of all things metal scene-related, Adam Levine.

2 days ago

ROSS ROBINSON Discusses Recording 1999's Slipknot, Says He Personally Funded Most Of It

Including sending guitarist Mick Thomson to the dentist.

2 days ago

DIRK VERBEUREN Names His Favorite Era Of MEGADETH To Play

He also has high praise for Nick Menza.

3 days ago

JOSH HOMME Says Making NIKKI LANE's Upcoming Album Saved His Life

We don't hear much from Homme these days.

3 days ago

POWER TRIP Guitarist On New Music: "There's A Bunch Of Stuff Out There"

"There's… I guess you can call it a record."

3 days ago

MARIO DUPLANTIER Explains Why GOJIRA's Music Is Less Technical Now

And what their writing process is like.

3 days ago

OBSCURA Robbed, Asks Fans To Keep An Eye Out

The thieves weren't too smart.

4 days ago

BEHEMOTH's NERGAL Was Considering Filming In War Torn Ukraine For Intense Livestream Event

"We were thinking, not only we can just make an artistic statement but we can also make a very important…

4 days ago

GWAR's BLOTHAR Calls Out The Hypocrisy Of Gatekeeping In Metal

"People that like metal and that are drawn to it are outsiders. Why do they wanna put up the same…

4 days ago


"I'm more interested in what I want to do."

4 days ago


Chuck Billy doesn't think Steve DiGiorgio would've lasted.

4 days ago