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ANTHRAX Is The Next Metal Band To Have A Beer Coming Out

Someone ought to try and drink all these beers…

Someone ought to try and drink all these beers...

Metal and beer – such a natural pairing that there's a festival coming up dedicated to the idea. Joining the legions of heavy groups with their own beer is Anthrax, who have teamed up with Butternuts Beer & Ale Brewery to create the Wardance Pale Ale.

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The beer is 5.5% ABV and has a pretty sweet purple label.

"Wardance is brewed using a blend of both New York State and North American two-row malt barley and a blend of special malts to add color and depth of flavor. The hops are sourced through New York State and West Coast growers. A percent of the hops is added in the boil kettle and a percent post fermentation to create a unique flavor profile that balances the rich flavor and aroma of the specialty malts with the delicate aroma of the select hops. The result is a recognizable beer with a unique character that sets Wardance apart from other beers out in the market today."

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