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VEKTOR Teases 30 Seconds Of New Music, No New Lineup Announced

Posted by on May 30, 2018 at 1:54 pm

Everyone who isn't Vektor guitarist and vocalist David DiSanto quit the band in December 2016. DiSanto promised he'd carry on with the band despite being the sole member and saying "I started writing Vektor songs in 1999 and I'm still writing Vektor songs. As long as I live, Vektor will not die."

Clearly Vektor isn't dying anytime soon, as DiSanto and a possibly new lineup is teasing demos for a new album right now. It's likely that Vektor's followup to 2016's Terminal Redux won't be out this year, but we're definitely hoping it is. While DiSanto has been the band's guitarist and vocalist all along, he was also the sole musician behind the band's 2004 demo Nucleus. So he's definitely capable of doing Vektor's fourth album all alone.

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