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The Underground Round Up You May Have Missed In July

Posted by on July 31, 2019 at 2:19 pm

As part of our monthly underground round up, I'm here to bring you all the best from smaller bands we featured on the site this past July!


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Scotland's Godeater are filled to the brim with technical grooves and epic melodies that place them beyond their peers. One listen to their track "Silent Spring" and you'll see what I mean. Check it below and grab their album, All Flesh Is Grass, coming this September.


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The Catalan lads in Foscor are no stranger to epic music that reeks of beautiful landscapes and historical times. Their 2017 release was a personal favorite, and they're about to do it all over again with the release of their upcoming album, Els Sepulcres Blancs, available on September 6th.


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Iconic drummer, Igor Cavalera (Cavalera Conspiracy, ex-Sepultura), brings forth a new endeavor with Petbrick, a band made of industrial sounds mixed with organic drums. Check out the track below for "Horse" and keep your eye on the release coming this October!


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Monolord brings their moody and brooding ways back to your ears with their upcoming album, No Comfort, on September 20th. To pump you up by slowing it down, the band released a new track titled "The Bastard Son" you should check out below!

Marishi Ten

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The classic metal outfit, Marishi Ten, fronted by Linda Lou, might be right up your alley if you're a fan of infectious rocking tunes you'll find yourself humming later on. Check out the track "Enemy Now" and grab it while ya can.

Crypt Sermon

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Doom metal masters,Crypt Sermon, are back with another melodically evil release titled The Ruins Of Fading Light on September 13th. If you're aching for something twistedly good, check out their track "Christ Is Dead" below!

Mind Power

Mind Power, the band fronted by ex-ALOL vocalist Bob Meadows, is streaming their latest release Q3 and it is damn good! Mixing members of Norma Jean and Vexes, the band brings about a new energy we're really digging.

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Here Lies Man

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If you ever wondered what Black Sabbath would sound like playing afrobeat, then Here Lies Man just might have the answer you've been looking for. Check out their track "Long Legs (Look Away)" off their upcoming album No Ground To Walk Upon.


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NY-based Husbandry are a unique band that blends melody, groove, metal and alt-rock into a combustion of infectious tunes. Their new album, A Port in a Storm, will be out in September, so check it out now!

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