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The New NIGHTRAGE Song Features DARKANE's Frontman And It Rules

Posted by on March 4, 2015 at 3:34 pm

Melodic death metal done right is a magical thing- it's just the right amount of hooky to get stuck in your head, yet the right amount of heavy to make you want to punt the nearest person that needs to be punted a great distance. Melodic death metal done right is a thing that Nightrage seems to have done, and well enough to attract the attention of Darkane's frontman Lawrence Mackrory! Thanks MetalSucks!

I love the mid-paced punchiness of the band's new song "Desperate Vows," but why take just my word for it? I'm just a dude at a laptop. You need to jam on this tasty track yourself.

Nightrage will be making you punt your neighbors come Apr. 24 with the band's new record The Puritan.

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