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Song Premiere

Song Premiere: PREDATORY LIGHT Travel A "Path of Unbeing" Towards the Great Beyond

This Black/Doom quartet abandons a physical shell in favor of ritualistic reincarnation.

This Black/Doom quartet abandons a physical shell in favor of ritualistic reincarnation.

After a couple of demos and a magnificent split with Black Metal band, Vorde, it is about time the world received a proper full-length album from the Black/Doom Metal band, Predatory Light. If the now Seattle-based quartet is new to you, it is possible you have heard its members' musical endeavors. The group features current, former, and live bandmates from projects like Ash BorerAnhedonistHell, Triumvir Foul, and Vanum. This kind of musical pedigree is what is most exciting about a band like Predatory Light. Their music is unforgiving. It shakes the very foundation of a listener, even with such a limited amount of material.

Predatory Light

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That changes now. Predatory Light is releasing their self-titled, debut full-length and Metal Injection has the opportunity to unleash a section of their impending wrath in the form of the album's third track, "Path of Unbeing". A sharp guitar riff opens the six-minute track and sustains throughout the song's duration. L.S.'s raw rumbles create an abject humanity longing for the beyond. Fellow members, K., N.M., D.F.  along with L.S. utilize empty spaces within "Path of Unbeing" to allow instruments to drift in and out of a gritty spotlight before returning to pummeling onslaughts of vehement Black Metal. As a result, there is much more focus on the rhythm sections in this new track as well. It is the first taste of a wiser and more driven Predatory Light .and it certainly bodes well for the rest of the album.

Predatory Light's self-titled album will be available September 23rd through Invictus Productions with a vinyl format being co-released through Invictus and Psychic Violence. The band can be found on Bandcamp where their earlier releases can be heard. Upcoming tour dates are beneath the new song and there will be more details to come as more music and information emerges regarding the self-titled album.

Tour dates:

August 3 – Santa Fe, NM @ The Cave
August 4 – Mesa, AZ @ Nile Theater Underground
August 5 – Glendale, CA @ Complex
August 6 -San Diego, CA @ Hub & Spoke
August 7 – Tijuana, MX @ Mods Bar
September 10 – Portland, OR @ Bossanova Ballroom (Eternal Warfare Fest)**
September 11 – Eugene, OR @ Old Nick's Pub**
September 12 – Oakland, CA @ Oakland Metro**
September 13 – Los Angeles, CA @ Los Globos**
**with Mortuary Drape 

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