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Insectile Death Metal Squad BOREWORM Are Back With A "Vile Husk" To Devour

Boreworm return, all hail the insectile masters of death metal.

Boreworm return, all hail the insectile masters of death metal.

While Brighton ,Michigan based Progressive Death Metal group Boreworm have been active since 2011, it seems that it was the band's lucky spot as a national addition on the 2014 incarnation of the annual Summer Slaughter Tour that really bumped them up to a higher level of name recognition. Which isn't to say they weren't doing great things prior to that, as I've been covering the group since 2013 at other sites when their initial 2013 EP, The Black Path, was released.

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Luckily, the wait for new music is now over as we've got an exclusive premiere of "Vile Husk" to show you today. It's the first song to be released from their forthcoming four song EP called Entomophobia which is set for release on November 19th.  For anyone out there who hasn't heard of Boreworm to date,  they play a devastatingly heavy yet eclectic brand of modern death metal. With a sound that draws from the twisted frenzy of technical death metal, black metal infused elements, lead guitar work playing straight out of progressive death metal, and rounded out by the mechnical sheen and groove machinery of djent.

It all comes together quite nicely into a singular body of death on "Vile Husk",  albeit somewhat chaotically, but never at the expensive of crushing one's skull in. Be sure to follow Boreworm over on their Facebook Page to keep up with the group once pre-orders for Entomophobia go live.

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