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ONE MACHINE (Ex-TESTAMENT) Is Streaming It's Breakneck Album The Final Cull Right Here!

Breakneck, thrashy- you get the picture. It kicks ass.

Breakneck, thrashy- you get the picture. It kicks ass.

One Machine has come out with two records in two years and has proven the old adage of "quality over quantity" dead wrong. The Final Cull is essentially the Slayer-meets-SymphonyX mashup you never knew you wanted until right this very minute and trust me when I say that your day is going to be way better off for it.

The thing I'm absolutely loving about The Final Cull is that it never resorts to common thrash tropes that plague the genre. The album only serves up high-speed riffs, throat-shredding vocals and anthematic choruses that you'll be muttering under your breath for the rest of the day. So what are you waiting for? We're premiering this record today for you to get your windmilling on! Go forth and jam!

The Final Cull is out right now via Scarlet Records. You can purchase a CD/Digipak or digital download here or from the band directly.

One Machine consists of Endeavour vocalist Chris Hawkins, ex-Biomechanical guitarist Jamie Hunt, ex-Testament guitarist Steve Smyth, ex-Penthagon bassist Stefano Selvatico and Coma drummer Michele Sanna.

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