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This Is What TRAPT Sound Like In 2020

Posted by on May 15, 2020 at 1:45 pm

One thing Trapt have done that many of their early-aughts hard rock contemporaries have not been able to do is get headlines in 2020. It required quite a bit of commitment, as they had to go on weeks-long Twitter rants, and threaten the likes of Power Trip, Ice-T and NY hardcore vet Danny Diablo.

So, when I saw that Trapt released not one, but TWO new songs today, my interest was piqued. I clicked play on the Spotify embed, and didn't even need to load the full song in my player. The 30 second previews were all I needed to hear:

What inspiring words here about the songs.

"'Make It Out Alive' was the last song written for our new album Shadow Work and I hope it inspires people to never give up," said singer Chris Taylor Brown. "Times can get so tough and it can be easy to just want to let go of all the struggle. But I think the struggles we go through define us," he continued, adding, "Each crisis we go through, staring into an abyss of the unknown, makes us stronger when we come out the other side. I know that we will come out stronger, as a country and as a world, through the current crisis we find ourselves battling and every other crisis that comes our way in the future. We always do!"

Shadow Work comes out June 11th.

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