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This Is What GODSMACK Sounds Like in 2018; Melodic New Song "Bulletproof" Released

Posted by on February 28, 2018 at 1:41 pm

Godsmack have carved out quite a career for themselves in the last 20 years catering to active rock radio programmers and Army/Navy music licensing agents. We're teasing, they obviously have amassed quite a fanbase.

So I'm curious what Godsmack fans would think of the evolution of the band's sound. Godsmack is releasing their seventh studio album When Legends Rise on April 27th, and their new single "Bulletproof" sounds like a bit of a departure for the band, seeing them go for a more melodic/catchy sound.

What do you think of this new side of Godsmack?

Erna was warning fans of a new "commercial aspect" to the band's new songs, telling FaceCulture a few months ago "They have a lot more of a commercial aspect to 'em — so far. There's some stuff in there that definitely will service the core fanbase of Godsmack. But we also felt that it's time to expand a little bit."

He continued, "We can continue to write the same record, but we're gonna have the same results. And the way I see it is we're taking the first 20 years and we're logging that into our catalog. That was one chapter of our career, and that's the more nostalgic, vintage Godsmack. And from this point forward, we're gonna try to reinvent a little bit more of our sound, our look, our stage show and come out with a brand new Godsmack."

Here is the track listing to the album:

01. When Legends Rise
02. Bulletproof
03. Unforgettable
04. Every Part of Me
05. Take It to the Edge
06. Under Your Scars
07. Someday
08. Just One Time
09. Say My Name
10. Let it Out
11. Eye of the Storm

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