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This Is What EVANESCENCE's First New Song In Nine Years Sounds Like

Posted by on April 24, 2020 at 2:30 pm

I've always had a soft spot in my heart for Evanescence. If nothing else, they are a huge gateway band for a generation of metal and hard rock fans. Also, Amy Lee is an excellent singer. Today, Evanescence announce the impending release of their new album, The Bitter Truth, their first since 2011's self-titled album.

We also got a taste with the first single “Wasted on You,” a solid classic-style power ballad, with lyrics  which seem to take on new meaning in our current situation, (“I can’t move on/ Feels like we’re frozen in time”), as Amy Lee notes:

“‘Wasted On You’ wasn’t the song we were planning to release first, but when the whole world went into indefinite lockdown and everything changed, so did the feeling and meaning of what we wanted to say right now. I didn’t write these lyrics about what we’re all now going through, but somehow that’s exactly what they are.”

There is no release date yet for The Bitter End, but it looks like fans will be able to hear digitally before getting physical versions of the release, due to manufacturing issues.

“As far as business is concerned, this is considered a terrible time to release. But we believe that people need music now more than ever. We do, and we’re not going to wait to share it because who knows what tomorrow brings. Who knows if it even comes? This is who we really are and we’re calling out across the world for a connection.”

We'll keep our eye out.

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