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THE LION'S DAUGHTER Raises The Bar For Haunting Electronic Music In Metal With "Grease Infant"

Posted by on June 18, 2018 at 11:10 am

I was already familiar with The Lion's Daughter, and their previous work that features quick dissonant changes and massively heavy riffs that embody the strides of a mastodon walking the earth. So I was pleasantly surprised to hear the band take new direction on their upcoming album that will set them apart from anything you hear this year.

Building on synthwave and 70's horror scoring attributes from the likes of Perturbator, John Carpenter, and Goblin, it doesn't surprise me when bands look to electronic sources for added flavor. However, when an already great band pulls the trigger to adopt a new outlook in their mix entirely, it's a toss up how it'll turn out. I'm elated to know The Lion's Daughter made a fantastic bold move that may put them at the top of the fusion game this year.

Back with an all new full length, titled Future Cult, the band immerses themselves in breaking down the walls of genre specifications and leaves you with a truly captivating, and melodically eerie synth sound added to their already epic brand of death metal riddled with despair. It may be the heaviest album you hear of its kind, and worth every second listening to "Grease Infant", a track I'm stoked to share today.

TLD's Rick Giordano comments on the track:

"Grease Infant…When I was in the 5th grade I wrote a short story called Grease Infant for a creative writing assignment. The story was about a baby who was aborted too late into the pregnancy and survived, so it's father threw it into the pond behind the house where it drowned in slime but still remained alive. It lived there for years just haunting the father and wishing that it could die. Needless to say, my teachers were not happy. Some recent problems in my personal life regarding my aversion to reproduction sparked the memory of this story, and seemed like a good opportunity to tell the tale. And I'll admit I kind of get a laugh out of knowing where the source material comes from."

Grab your pre-order here for Future Cult, by The Lion's Daughter,out on Season Of Mist July 20th.

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