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THE ILLUSORY SELF Steamrolls All On New Song "/​/​FUMES​/​/"

Posted by on February 13, 2020 at 11:37 am

We debuted The Illusory Self's debut EP Praise the Fanatic and now we're doing it again. This time around we've got the band's new track "//FUMES//," which is a crushing six-plus minutes of melody, deathcore, and even a little black metal. Lyrically, vocalist Dan Kelly said the track is about the search for meaning.

The lyrics are about humanity's search for deeper meaning, be it through religion, science, spiritualism, and the deception that non-physical beings may be playing in the information we receive. It was partly inspired by Gnosticism and the work of John Keel.

Pick up the track here and follow The Illusory Self on Facebook and Instagram.

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