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SYSTEM OF A DOWN Bassist Discusses Why The Band Finally Released New Music

The songs came about because of a group text started by drummer John Dolmayan.

After years of being on different creative pages, System of a Down released two new songs last Friday in support of Artsakh. Now in an interview with FOX 11, System of a Down bassist Shavo Odadjian reveals the songs came about because of a group text started by drummer John Dolmayan.

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"He wrote and said 'we need to put everything behind and do something'," said Odadjian. "We need to be a part of this. We need to help any way we can. This, this is bigger than us, bigger than our emotions, bigger than our feelings, bigger than our egos. Let's go. And right away, Daron responded with 'here I have something that could save time.'"

Odadjian said the band worked for two weeks on the songs.

"We’ve been together as in, we've gone on tours together, played shows together, hung out together, gone to lunch, going to dinner," he said. "We're friends, you know what I mean? We're all friends. It's just, we haven't been in there creatively together. So when we got in there, at first tension was a little high because we didn't know how everyone was going to be, but about five minutes into it, we were talking, laughing's talking about the song, how it's going to be, how we're going to help and what this is going to do for our people. That's the number one thing was what this is going to do to work and help out, how it's going to help our people. Because I feel like it's kind of like a Trojan horse, you know, it's like we're walking in and the world's going to listen because it's 15 years, we haven't done anything."

Check out both songs below via Bandcamp. Also, does anyone else think it's insane that a band as massive as System of a Down has joined Bandcamp? This has got to be a huge step forward for the already-popular platform.

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