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SYLVAINE Wonderfully Captures “L’Appel Du Vide” Through Heart-Wrenching Post Rock

Posted by on October 1, 2018 at 11:17 am

“L’Appel Du Vide,” or "The Call of the Void" in English, is an interesting phenomenon. Picture yourself standing on the edge of a cliff. The wind gently sweeps across your face and as you look out across the vast expanse and then down, you think, "What if I jumped?" This phenomenon is everywhere. It may not be as significant as thinking about stepping off a cliff, but it worms its way into daily life. It's a constant ebb and flow of dynamic equilibrium in a way. In the case of the void, it's an incessant shifting between the yearning to ruin ourselves and the impulse to stay alive. For Sylvaine, this phenomenon forms the roots to a breathtaking new song from her impending album, Atoms Aligned, Coming Undone.

Across almost eight minutes, the solo multi-instrumentalist strings together deeply poignant guitar chords and melodies. They form a beautiful and immersive post-rock, much like the atmospheric sections of Alcest. What makes Sylvaine's take on post-rock so unique is her striking, ethereal voice in conjunction with her compositions. A track like “L’Appel Du Vide” captures this notion perfectly. She has a knack for making listeners feel what she feels—even when they are intricate and complex emotions. The melancholy that seeps from the track is ardent. It's audible when her fingers slide across the frets of her guitar and in the vibrato of her voice.

Sylvaine spoke to Metal Injection about the song. In her statement, she said, "Being a highly experimental and emotional track, “L’Appel Du Vide” expresses something dark and profound, really embodying the feeling of drowning in this earthly place, without having any chances of escaping; a cry for help, when life seems oppressive and overwhelming. 'L’Appel Du Vide' will always hold something very intense and unique to me, especially the ending of the track. Every time I play this song, it resonates strongly with something within me."

Stream “L’Appel Du Vide” now and pre-order Atoms Aligned, Coming Undone from Season of Mist ahead of its November 2nd release date. Also, find Sylvaine on Facebook and Instagram.


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