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Stream BISON's Devastating, Slow-Motion New Album You Are Not The Ocean You Are The Patient

Posted by on June 22, 2017 at 4:35 pm

Bison, or Bison B.C. depending on who you ask, will release its first new full-length album in five years titled You Are Not The Ocean You Are The Patient on July 7 via Pelagic Records.

Since its previous album Loveless, Bison seems to have really varied up its writing style and done some incredibly cool, slightly progressive things with its new album. Not to mention it's skull-fuckingly heavy, but you already knew that coming in.

Pre-order the album here, and before you check out the album, read up on the fairly long title below!

You are not the ocean. You do not orchestrate a beautiful cacophony of life and death, struggle and destruction, creation and dependance. You are not the sole reason for the existence of a nation of creatures to live and abide your stark and simple rules. You are not married to the moon. You do not allow the constellations to be your map. You do not destroy cities and drown their citizens. You do not embrace land's golden hem as your child, with calm and tenderness. You do not crash and spray craggy shores with fury and passion. You are not unstoppable. You are not powerful. You are not necessary.

You are the patient. You are controlled. You are cared for, out of duty. You are maintained with medicines and examinations. You are met with cold hands and protocol. Your most intimate self is put on a form. You are questioned about pains and thoughts. You are dependent on those with knowledge. You are helpless. You are tired and bed ridden. You do no harm and you do not help. You are monitored and caged. You are kept away from others. You are contaminated. You are sick. You are keeping yourself sick. You do not know how to recover. You do not want to recover. You do not know what recovery is.

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