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STELLAR MASTER ELITE Levels Worlds With The Slow Black Metal Of "Ad Infinitum"

Posted by on April 15, 2019 at 10:28 am

Stellar Master Elite are black metal completely unconcerned with earthly religions and issues. Instead, the band's new album Hologram Temple focuses on the converging point between man and machine.

Stellar Master Elite's new song we're premiering today "Ad Infinitum" takes on a gloomy atmosphere, but in that way where it looks to stars knowing that absolutely none of anything matters, or is even real at all.

Hologram Temple deals with the logical development of evolution and technology, and the resultant consequences for science and the theoretically possible and quite probable, illusory nature of the reality known to us. Where does overcoming mortality lead us? With the help of neuronal interfaces we will be able, without the limitation of a mortal body, to overcome distances unimaginable today, to colonize distant planets and to save mankind from its already sealed downfall. The colonization of entire galaxies can also be considered – "a new galactic empire". Unless life-forms that have already passed through this evolutionary development conquer us and our habitat long before we could have taken this step ourselves. In this case we are all lost and never had a chance.

Grab Hologram Temple here before its May 3 release.

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