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Sludge-Grind Masters CULLED's New Song "Contagion" Will Make You Drag Your Knuckles

Posted by on October 9, 2018 at 2:13 pm

Sludge grind is one of those things that shouldn't really exist and yet somehow Culled make it work. They sound absolutely colossal on their new track "Contagion," a nearly nine minute epic that manages to combine everything that makes the band great.

The stop/start madness and dynamic interplay of this song speaks to the band's talent as songwriters. Meanwhile, the guitar tone alone speaks volumes to what this band has come to represent. With punk fringes on some truly punishing tracks, it's hard not to be fascinated by the morbid horror of the band. The lead single, 'Contagion,' is a mesmerizing ode. It comes from their upcoming LP, Thin The Herd, Fail To Learn, due out October 26th on Hibernation Release.

It's hard to balance two genres that seem so diametrically opposed whilst simultaneously sneaking in moments of pure explorations into the sublime. Experimental, genre bending and clearly forward thinking, 'Contagion' is a triumph for a rising force.

This is what the band had to say:

As for the lyrical content and theme for "Contagion", it's the final track on our album and a good summary of all the parts. Deeply influenced by the writings of Noam Chomsky, the anti-nationalist premise calls out the inward defensive stance we are seeing in the world today. One that puts forward the idea that the sanctity and safety of your nation, your sect, and your race trumps being humane toward our fellow man. It’s a mentality that’s building walls instead of bridges and creating a culture of exclusivity that segregates, promotes hate and enflames violence. The people in power create this divide to more easily control the bewildered herd and keep you fearful, passive, distracted and silent while behind the curtain they dismantle the foundations that are the building blocks of a more peaceful and vibrant world. Musically, we tried to be more diverse with this one exploiting the influences from our differences in musical tastes, history and backgrounds lead the way. Contrasting chaotic speed with an atmospheric interlude in order to be more dynamic than the other songs on the album.

Jam it now:

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