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SLEEP Releases New 16-Minute Song "Leagues Beneath," Which Was Not On Their New Album The Sciences

It's amazing, duh.

It's amazing, duh.

About one week ago I remembered that Adult Swim announced they'd be releasing a new Sleep song as part of their Adult Swim Singles Series. Which was weird, because The Sciences had already come out, so it couldn't be a single from that… and then it dawned on me. There's probably more Sleep material floating around that we haven't heard yet. Which ended up being a correct assumption.

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Adult Swim has now released the damn-near-17-minute slow burner "Leagues Beneath" and it's exactly as good as its counterpart The Sciences. It's also amazing that we've gotten a new Sleep album and what amounts to a new one-song Sleep EP this year, and both are phenomenal. No word yet on if they'll release the song on vinyl like they did with their 2014 Adult Swim single "The Clarity," but I'd assume that's coming.

Blast it below and enjoy! Sleep is also playing Adult Swim's upcoming festival.

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Well, "The Sciences" and "Marijuanaut's Theme."


Windhand, Sleep, Khemmis, Royal Thunder, Marissa Nadler... you get the gist. Riffs.