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Original MESHUGGAH Bassist Comes Out Of Retirement, Joins PDP For New Album

Posted by on May 2, 2018 at 11:43 am

PDP hasn't done anything since 2011's Mass Delusions, but that's about to change. The band has announced they've come out of retirement and are currently tracking a new album. Speaking of coming out of retirement, founding Meshuggah bassist Peter Nordin has also decided to un-retire from music by tracking bass for PDP's upcoming album!

Nordin was originally in the pre-Meshuggah band Calipash, and then played with Meshuggah from their inception in 1988 up to 1995. That means you can still hear Nordin on Meshuggah's Contradictions Collapse, None, Selfcaged, and Destroy Erase Improve. Nordin has not played with any bands since he left Meshuggah in 1995.

Here's what PDP has to say about Nordin joining them.

“It’s truly amazing! Those guys [Meshuggah] have been our heroes since we were kids. It’s a dream come true situation. Peter messaged me several months ago asking if I had any projects that could benefit from his bass playing, and said if so, he’d love to help out! Well it was perfect timing for PDP because we were partway through tracking our new album, and had no bassist. Up until he joined, I’d been tracking bass for all the demos. But for the album this is much, much better. Peter’s sound and presence on a bass guitar is unmatched. He’s a true pioneer. We’re all completely humbled and honored to have him in the band!”

You can watch a teaser of Nordin tracking bass below, and check out PDP's new single "The Taste Of Obliteration" below.

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