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OATHBREAKER & YOB Members Form New Death Metal Band LIVING GATE

Their debut EP is due out this May.

Living Gate is the new band featuring guitarists Lennart Bossu (Oathbreaker, Amenra) and Levy Seynaeve (Oathbreaker, Amenra), drummer Wim Sreppoc (Oathbreaker, Wiegedood), and bassist Aaron Rieseberg (Yob, Norska). Living Gate will release their debut EP Deathlust in May and are currently streaming their new single "Living Gate."

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The band said they came together over their love of classic death metal bands like Suffocation, Morbid Angel, and Death, as well as newer stuff like Tomb Mold and Blood Incantation.

While touring together, various members of Yob, Wiegedood, Oathbreaker and Amenra found themselves bonding over a common love of death metal bands both classic (morbid angel, suffocation, Death) and contemporary (Tomb Mold, Blood Incantation). It is in recognition of these shared admirations as well as a mutual respect of each other’s musical chops that LIVING GATE has been founded. Purposefully devoid of over-polished, meticulously edited sounds, Living Gate puts its emphasis upon unrelenting, raw drums which are continuously blanketed by a vomit of menacing riffs and heaving guttural orations. Make ready your earholes for the debut EP, ‘DeathLust’ out May 2020.

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