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NEKROGOBLIKON Did a Pretty Weird Cover of SYSTEM OF A DOWN's "Chop Suey!"

It's very in line with their usual keyboard-heavy deathcore sound.

Nekrogoblikon can't meet up with producer Jason Suecof to record their next album right now because COVID-19 is still going strong (thanks, non-mask wearers). So they've covered System of a Down's classic "Chop Suey!" and stuck very much to their usual sound.

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Nekrogoblikon has also provided the following reasons why they chose to cover the track:

  1. Nicky's Armenian heritage
  2. It is such a legendary singalong classic for metal nerds like us
  3. Ignites the Nü spirit of the world which burns as bright as the flame decals on our pickup trucks and button-up shirts, perfectly accentuating our chain wallets, spiked hair, JNCO jeans, and ball necklaces
  4. Honor to share the stage
  5. Can I borrow your amp
  6. Probably another reason too
  7. Chop Fucking Suey

Fair enough.

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New Music

The songs came about because of a group text started by drummer John Dolmayan.