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NECROT Welcomes You to "Your Hell" in New Song

Posted by on July 30, 2020 at 12:38 pm

Future death metal legends Necrot will release their new album Mortal on August 28. The band is streaming their new song "Your Hell" now, which will slowly drag you kicking and streaming straight to the underworld. I mean seriously, that opening riff should let you know immediately this song is not messing around.

"'Your Hell' talks about the relationship between the victim and the perpetrator of violence; how the trauma of the victim often creates new future offenders," said bassist and vocalist Luca Indrio. "It focuses on a vicious circle where the victim carries the trauma of the violence received, building from pain the resentment necessary to become the next perpetrator.

"The song also talks about the moment in which the eyes of both meet seeing each other's future and past. The song never really literally says 'your hell' in the lyrics, but it does say, 'my hell will be yours' making it in fact 'Your Hell.'"

Mortal was recorded with Greg Wilkinson (High On Fire, Autopsy) and was given the absolute sickest artwork possible by Marald Van Haasteren (Baroness, Kylesa). Pre-order Mortal here.

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