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KORN Streams Acoustic Version Of "Can You Hear Me"

Better now that it's acoustic, thanks Korn.

Korn began teasing a new acoustic version of their 2019 track "Can You Hear Me" earlier this week, and now it's here in full. Korn vocalist Jonathan Davis told SiriusXM's Jose Mangin earlier this week the band recorded the song in isolation, and they're pretty stoked on the final result.

"We just got together — me and the guys — and we just did this from sending files to each other, 'cause we're all stuck in our houses. We came up with this acoustic version of the song that's really stripped down. And I love it.

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"If it's a good song, it usually translates well to any form you put it in," he added. "I learned that… I remember [producer] Rick Rubin saying it's a good song if it translates well with just an acoustic guitar and vocals. So we just got together and vibed it out, and it's a really cool, different version of it.

"I love the song. It was a song I wrote back — it was around 2014 on the road, actually. I wrote the melody. I woke up and put it in my computer and I didn't touch it for another couple of months and came back to it. It's a special song to me. It's a song about depression… I'm glad people are digging it. And hopefully they dig this version."

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