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HYBORIAN Announces Volume II Alongside Sludgy New Song "Planet Destructor"

Posted by on January 7, 2020 at 2:58 pm

Hyborian made some initial waves with their 2017 debut album Volume I. Now they're back to make those waves into a tsunami with Volume II and their new song "Planet Destructor." The new album picks up where Volume I left off in Hyborian guitarist and vocalist Martin Bush's sci-fi novel The Traveller.

"The universe is filled with beginnings. Life springs anew in a constant cycle of birth and rebirth, billions upon billions of beginnings, intrinsically linked, each influencing the beginnings that will come after. Every ending is in and of itself a new beginning; what once was, by the very act of ending, becomes the beginning of what is to follow. This particular beginning begins at the end; the end of everything. The universe is dying. It is in the final stages of passing out of existence, which is a beginning as well, the beginning of what comes after. The cycle continues, cascading in an unending series of births and deaths, all linked, each one shaped by the beginnings that preceded it.

"The universe is dying, but it will begin again."

Check out the song below, catch Hyborian at one of their two tour dates right now, and grab The Traveller here.

03/20: Kansas City, MO @ The Riot Room (w/ The Lion's Daughter)
04/18: Baltimore, MD @ Grim Reefer Fest

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